How to Skip a Question How to Skip a Question

How to Skip a Question

Want to skip a question you just received from Qeepsake? Skipping a question allows you to receive your next question, or if it's your last question of the day, you'll be able to text in a spontaneous entry.


If you're on Qeepsake Plus or Premium, there are two ways to skip a question:

1. Texting "Skip" in reply to a question:

The skipped question will NOT get moved to your Previous Questions feed, but it will be asked a later time, so you will have the opportunity to answer it. Once you "skip" your last question of the day, you'll then be able to text Qeepsake a spontaneous memory or photo (without associating this memory with your last question).


2. Skip a question in the mobile app:

If you are using the mobile app, when looking at your dashboard feed, your latest question will always appear in your dashboard view (even if you receive your question by text message). If you click on the 3 ellipses in the top right corner of the card, you'll then see the following options:

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If you click on 'Skip to Next Question', you'll then receive your next question through your delivery channel (text message or push notification).


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If this is your last question of the day, you won't see the 'Skip to Next Question' option. Instead, you'll see a 'Remove Question' option. If you click on 'Remove Question,' the question will be removed from your previous questions list.



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