Qeepsake Book Layouts Qeepsake Book Layouts

Qeepsake Book Layouts

Qeepsake books are automatically formatted for you by a super-smart-top-secret algorithm! Your book's layouts are based on your specific journal and memories.

Here are some of the factors that influence how your Qeepsake Book will look:

  • Text only, photo only, or both text and photo entry
  • If a photo is portrait, landscape, or square
  • Photo resolution
  • Text length
  • Other entries in your book (our algorithm optimizes based on the previous and next entry
  • And more!

Our team hears over and over again how simple and elegant Qeepsake Books are. When parents receive their books, they rave over the format and how it showcases their family's pictures and stories. Your content shines

Check out this book a Qeepsake Mom shared with us — beautiful! 

Plus, catch this unboxing of a Qeepsake Book and see the difference between hardcover and softcover books live!


Note: Your book layout may change if you edit entries from your book preview, especially if you add or remove a picture or large amount of text. 


If you see any layouts that look unusual, please email us a screenshot to support@qeepsake.com so we can troubleshoot. 



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