Cost of Qeepsake Books Cost of Qeepsake Books

Cost of Qeepsake Books

Qeepsake offers two book formats - a larger hardcover bounded book (10x8") and a slightly smaller and more affordable softcover book (8.125x6.50").



Hardcover (left) and a Softcover book (right)


For more information regarding these formats, please check this help article

  • The softcover Qeepsake Book starts at $19.99 for the first 30 pages (not including shipping). Additional pages cost $0.60/page 
  • The hardcover book starts at $39.99 for the first 30 pages. Additional pages cost $0.95/page 

Qeepsake books have varying layouts to optimize your photos and text entries. You can preview your child's journal and see the page count at


Examples of how entries can appear in the books


Here is a table to give you an estimate of price:

Number of pages Softcover Hardcover
30  $19.99 $39.99
50 $31.99


100 $61.99


200 $121.99 $201.49
300 $181.99 $296.49

** Please note that all our prices are in USD and do not include shipping. Books only go up to 300 pages, but you can order more than one book if your journal is larger.**


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