How do I customize my Qeepsake Book? How do I customize my Qeepsake Book?

How do I customize my Qeepsake Book?

You can customize all content in your Qeepsake Book! Click on the edit memories button in your book preview to edit text, pictures, reorder same-day entries, and favorite memories to make them a full page!

Formatting and design is automagically created for you by a super-smart-top-secret algorithm. Your book's layouts are based on your specific journal and memories.

Our team hears over and over again how simple and elegant Qeepsake Books are. When parents receive their books, they rave over the format and how it showcases their family's pictures and stories. Your content shines

Check out this book a Qeepsake Mom shared with us — beautiful! 

Plus, catch this unboxing of a Qeepsake Book and see the difference between hardcover and softcover books live!

You can also do the following:


Plus & Premium Members can edit photos right in the Qeepsake App. All members can also use third-party apps to add color, stickers, or collage layouts that can bring additional color and personalization to your book! 


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