Yes! You can add/change the cover photo, book title, and book subtitle at any time. 


Edit your cover page from the book preview

You can go to the book preview by following this link or going to your menu and clicking on the link highlighted on the screenshots below: 'Order a Book'.


Once you're previewing your child's journal, here is how you can edit your cover page:

1. Click on the blue 'Edit cover page' button


2. From there, you can choose to edit your cover photo and/or your book title and/or your book subtitle. To edit your cover photo, simply click on the current cover photo and upload a new one.


3. Click on 'Update' to save your changes.

4. You should now see your updated cover!



Edit your cover page from your journal settings online

If you are on the book preview, click on the gear icon next to your child's name. This will take you into the journal settings page. 


Once you're in your journal settings, you can edit your cover image by clicking on 'Add a cover image' or 'Change cover image' button. You can also edit your book title and subtitle. Don't forget to hit the 'Update Journal' button to save your changes!





Edit the cover page from your journal settings in the mobile app 

1. In the menu, click on the Account & Settings button

2. Then click on the Journal Settings button

3. Select the journal you want to edit


4. Once you're on the 'Edit Journal' screen, click on the 'Edit cover photo' button to change the photo on the cover of the book and/or change your title and subtitle. Don't forget to hit 'Save' (top-right corner) to save your changes!




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