How does the Facebook and Instagram integrations work? How does the Facebook and Instagram integrations work?

How does the Facebook and Instagram integrations work?

On a paid Qeepsake membership, you can turn your family-focused social media posts into Qeepsake memories automatically!

Step 1: Connect your Facebook and/or Instagram accounts HERE.


Step 2: Post a memory on your favorite social media feed and include the @qeepsake or #qeepsake

For Facebook, the post must appear on your Facebook feed. Facebook does not share posts from albums with Qeepsake. 


Step 3: Boom! The entry is automatically saved to your journal!


Tips, tricks, and troubleshooting:

  • If you share the same post on both Instagram and Facebook, we recommend NOT connecting both accounts, just one. Otherwise, you'll see duplicated entries in your child's Qeepsake journal.
  • Qeepsake can only pull in the 20 most recent social posts. This means if you go back and add #qeepsake or @qeepsake to older posts, they might not appear in your Qeepsake journal.
  • If you post on Facebook, please make sure the post is on your Facebook feed and not within an album. 
  • If you have more than one child, you will want to include your child's or children's name in your Instagram or Facebook post, which you've tagged with #qeepsake. Qeepsake will then save the photo and caption automatically to the correct journal.
  • Your posts can take up to 1hr to show up in your journal. So don't worry if it doesn't show up in your journal right away!
  • If your social posts used to show up in your journal but now don't appear or if you see multiple social post entries, please email us at, and we'll try to help you out. 


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