Can I send or add photos to Qeepsake? Can I send or add photos to Qeepsake?

Can I send or add photos to Qeepsake?

Yes, you can text or add photos to Qeepsake if you are on Qeepsake Plus or Premium (on a supported cell carrier*). 

A few tips:

  • You can text a photo to Qeepsake as a response to a question or as a spontaneous entry.
  • You can easily add the photos stored in your phone to your entries using the mobile app or at
  • Using the mobile app, you can add up to 4 photos to an entry using the collage feature.  


Adding a photo to your entries on the mobile app:


Texting Qeepsake a picture:

  • Text a photo to the same phone number your Qeepsake questions come from.  


How many photos can you add?

Qeepsake Premium

  • Text Qeepsake up to 100 pictures per month
  • Or add unlimited pictures to your entries online (using the mobile app or at

Qeepsake Plus

  • Text Qeepsake up to 50 pictures per month
  • Or add unlimited pictures to your entries online (using the mobile app or at

Qeepsake Lite 

  • You can't text pictures into Qeepsake
  • You can upload up to 5 pictures to your entries per month (using the mobile app or at

You can find more info about Qeepsake's plans here: 



*Photo texting works on all major cell carriers including AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and many smaller carriers as well. See the list of supported cell carriers.

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