As you begin receiving questions, you’ll find that there’s a wide variety. Some will prompt quick, short responses, while others will be more thought-provoking. Some days you’ll have more to reflect on than others, and it’s wonderful to have a diverse array of questions and answers to look back on.

Plus and Premium Members can respond “skip” and send in a spontaneous memory from your day if you find a question doesn't suit you or your family. Don’t forget to add a picture!

Questions will include your little one’s name and the pronouns you choose in your account settings. Some questions are more general, while others are age-based. 

If it seems that your questions aren’t age-appropriate, try checking their birthday in your account settings. If that doesn’t work, please reach out to us for support. We’re always delighted to hear from you and ready to help.

Some questions repeat from time to time. This allows you to see how your answers change and evolve. For instance, the things that made your child smile six months ago might be totally different now –– and that’s so worth capturing.

Sample general questions

What are your parenting superpowers?

Reflect on your child's day — what were the highs and lows?

Sample age-based questions

Expecting Question: What do you call your baby now? Do you imagine that changing when your baby arrives?

Baby Question: What personality traits do you see developing in your little one?

Teenage Question: Is your teenager driving yet? Describe the car they are using!


For more info and examples, check out this blog post on everything you need to know about Qeepsake Questions!

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